By Bob Wuscher
Founding member of the Pennsylvania Chapter

In reality ... I guess you could say it all began in the fall of 1990 during the Wheels of Time Street Rod Association Jamboree in Macungie, Pennsylvania. Eight of the original Over the Hill Gang members thought the time had come to unite, park as a group and make the three-day show as comfortable as possible.

The following year, just a few short weeks before the WOTSRA show, our very first official meeting was held on August 12, 1991. This was the beginning of a club committed to street rodding, to be governed without rules or bylaws. This would be a club of individuals who owned a street rod, but more importantly, weren't required to attend constant monthly meetings to stay in touch.

We all had one basic goal: To share our automotive interests.

In September of 1991, we contacted Keith and Cherie King who at that time were the president and secretary of the founding Over the Hill Gang in San Diego to ask for their consent to form a Pennsylvania chapter. They agreed, as long as we maintained certain boundaries and helped in the promotion and advancement in the world of street rodding.

It was our first major hurdle. The name couldn't have been more appropriate as all of our members had been involved in hot rods and drag cars since the mid ’50s and ’60s.

Ahhhhh! The good ol’ days when we worked on our cars with just the bare minimum of tools and enormous amounts of both energy and ingenuity. Forgive me here if I digress, but as I sit here and write this, I seem to have drifted back in time when life seemed so simple. At the drag races, it was always cubic inches that mattered but as the sport began to grow, it seems to have shifted to be a matter of cubic dollars. Ingenuity can now be bought across the counter at any parts store.

Now, where was I? ...

Oh, yes ... The Pennsylvania chapter of the Over the Hill Gang. It was in late 1992 that we finally had our first two new members and became 10 strong. It was felt that because we saw each other at various shows and swap meets, one meeting a year seemed more than sufficient. We never collected any dues but instead, asked each member to contribute for the club decals, banners, canopies, etc. It seemed in our case to be working rather well.

We accepted our 11th and 12th members in the fall of 1993 but lost our first chartered member in the early part of that year. It was almost three years to the day and we again added to our membership.

We've always been a small, closely bonded group. Size was never on our minds. We all felt that quality superseded quantity.

Somewhere along the way, we acquired our famous yellow hats, shirts and jackets embossed with the noted OTHG logo.

In ’97, ’98 and again in ’99, we added two new members per year. It seemed that each was chosen as much for their individual personality as they were for their above-average street rod. From the very early days in Macungie until present times, we’ve remained a tight-knit club. Evidence of this can be seen each year at any number of shows but it appears most obvious at the Wheels of Time Street Rod Association Rod and Custom Jamboree held in late August. We are a group of about 20 good friends with cars who manage to get together for, at the most, two to three meetings a year. Most years it seems to be in April, then again in August, and lastly it’s our Annual Christmas Holiday Dinner. For us, this seems to be just enough ...

By the way, if you ever happen upon our canopies or banner at any of the shows, whether it’s Louisville, Columbus, York, Indy, Cherokee, Daytona, or any other state, city or town, or for that matter USA or Canada, please take the time to stop by and say hello. And don’t forget to mention you've seen us on the web.